Back in the middle of last year, a clever little service called doo went into beta on OS X and Windows 8, which was itself only a consumer preview at that point. The service allowed users to import all the documents they had in various cloud storage pockets ––DropBox, Google Drive and email accounts — and bring them together in one place, where they could be automatically scanned, tagged and categorized.

Doo OCRNow doo is coming out of beta on OS X(s aapl) today and, over the next few weeks, on Android(s goog), then iPhone, then iPad (a refreshed Windows(s msft) 8 app will follow in the next couple of months). And, while the end result is similar to that in the beta, it’s quite a different beast under the hood.

Why? As CEO Frank Thelen told me, the future may be all about semantic tagging, but for now people still…

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