Data dünyasında gelecek konseptler


Database startup Citus Data on Tuesday joined those trying to enable fast SQL queries on Hadoop data, but it has much larger goals. It thinks it can be the only analytic database that anyone needs, able to query data wherever it’s stored across a company’s environment — in relational databases, Hadoop, MongoDB, Amazon (s amzn) S3 and elsewhere.

Big data has opened companies’ eyes to the importance of analytics and alternative data stores, but combining the two often means learning new languages, using multiple tools and probably sacrificing the performance they’re used to from analytic platforms.

Citus Data’s flagship product, called CitusDB, is actually built atop PostgreSQL and its first iteration was designed for Google Dremel-like scale and speed on relational data. Thanks to a feature called “foreign data wrappers,” though, it’s able to run SQL on numerous data types (e.g., CSV, log and JSON files) that don’t comport with…

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